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don't hesitate to reach out with any more!

Where are you based out of? Do people ever travel to you for shoots?

Paris, France! Plenty of people take advantage of their trip to Paris to have photos taken here in the city of lights! Paris offers incredible places, monuments, cute cobblestone strees, parks, classic neighborhoods, and within less than an hour we can go to many different places close to the city! Paris have been my home for 6 years now and I'll be happy to help you finding the place that suits you better and showing my secret spots in the city!

Do you ever travel for work? For destination weddings, elopements, photo sessions? How does covering travel expenses work?

Yes, I do and I love it! Some photographers do set travel fees, I don’t. I just have you pay for the bare minimum (flight, transportation, stay), I cover the rest. I’m also open to staying with you, your family, camping or sharing an AirBnb with you to help save you $. You can estimate costs by checking how much hotels/AirBnbs typically cost in the area we will be staying, how much roundtrip flights are from Paris airports.

How do you describe your style?

Well, I want these photos to feel like YOU. I will play off of your personality and/or relationship so you really see yourself when looking back on your photos. It's not about how it looks, but how it feels.

What's your turnaround time?

For a photo shoot, I pride myself on delivering the full gallery in 3 weeks or less. For elopements/weddings, 10 weeks or less. It depends on how much I shoot, how busy I am, my travel schedule, and the holidays. I know the wait for your gallery is the worst, but I want to deliver photos in their best form. Please be patient! I try to get them back to you as soon as possible while making sure I give time to each and every image needs. That being said, rush service (24-48 hours online delivery only for photo shoots) is available depending on my schedule.

Do you give RAW unedited images?

Nope. Don’t even ask for them. If you hire me, I suppose it's because you trust me and love my final product. The RAW images are not my final work. Editing is half the magic that goes into images. Without this step the images are only halfway done. Or I take it back, if you really want them, you can have the RAWS for 300€ per image :)

How many images do you include? Do you deliver all the photos you take?

Each one of my packages varies in how many images are delivered, but I’ll always include plenty of images of everything I capture. I don’t like to give a cutoff number because I don’t believe in withholding any images from you to get you to pay more like some photographers do. These are your memories! I promise to capture them give you more than enough images to remember this time in your lives. That being said, if you still really want a number, you can expect to get at least 30 photos for each hour of photo shoot. For elopements and mini weddings, it's abviously more than that.

How do your payment schedules work?

I require a retainer to secure your spot on my calendar, the remaining amount can be paid on the day of the session in cash (in euros). Since I don't book other clients for you time, retainer is refundable only up to 4 weeks before the date of the photo shoot.

Can I alter/edit the photos I get?

Nope. You chose me because you like my work and style, why would you do so? The images may not be altered (digitally or otherwise - e.g. Instagram filters), sold or published by the client - exception is their personal social media.

How will I receive my photos?

Pictures will be delivered to you watermark-free in high resolution print-ready digital format by online private gallery. You have the rights to all images to print, post, and share with your families.

Will I get some photos in black & white?

Yes, sure! I absolutely LOVE black and white! The other images will be edited in the style you see in my portfolio. A bit grainy with warm tones.

Can you photoshop us?

I believe in promoting self love and body positivity, so I don’t alter the way you look other than skin blemishes or anything temporary that would not normally be there (bruise, scrape, acne etc unless you’d like me to keep it the photos). If you’re especially self conscious about something, please let me know as I’ll be sure to be extra aware of that while I’m posing you.

What if there's bad weather?

I always encourage embracing whatever weather comes our way, as it’s beautiful and unique in photos. If it is harsh enough that it would make for a shitty time at our shoot and I can reschedule (or ruin my gear), then we totally will!

What should I bring along with me for a photo shoot in Paris?

Our goal is to move around as easily as possible, so it would be smart to bring only the necessary belongings, like your phone, wallet, lipstick in case you wear it. The little the better. I am a stalker and love to take photos of the in betweens, but it's hard if you are carrying a yellow backpack.

What should I wear?

The photos must represent your personality. If you never wear high heels, why would you do so for a photo shoot? I insist on being real. BE YOUSELF! If you still feel lost: this is not a fashion shoot... so the clothes shouldn't be the first thing people see when looking at your photos! And that's why I love neural colors. For couples and families, try to coordinate outfits instead of matching them. Unless it's your thing, most people don't wear matching outfits in their everydays lives... again, let's keep it real! Last, but not least: consider the season. A beret might not be the best option during a heatwave, and wearing a sleevless dress might turn your skin in crazy colors when it's freezing cold. Remember, less is more!

How do we get around in the city?

Paris is a walkable city, and some photo shoot locations might be close to another. However, for most of the main locations it's better to use Uber or taxis (G7 app). The prices are similar for both transportation means, but I tens to prefer taxis is during the rush hour times when they can use the bus lanes and can be more efficient in the traffic.

Will my photos be published on your website and social media?

Probably. I take many more photos than I can post on my social media. So only a few works will be published. Now, if you'd like to keep your photos private, just let me know and I won't show them.

Do you offer discounts?